CU later SAMH!

By Holly

As I back down from being SAMH’s communications coordinator this 2014 - 2015 year, I want to put out a final thank you to everyone who’s helped support our club to be what it is today. I've worked tirelessly to help make SAMH one of the most forefront and recognized clubs here at Carleton University. In this process I’ve met so many brilliant and beautiful people. To share this passion of mental health with all of you fills my soul with joy. The energy you all provide me with, the knowledge and smiles and drive inspires me daily. Being a mental health advocate is in my blood. I will work towards breaking misconceptions and disintegrating the stigma every day for the rest of my life. Every moment you have to teach someone something about mental health, take it on. Every opportunity is another person who will know a little bit more about this important topic in our lives.

Lastly, and most importantly… each of you have a divine soul. I am comforted knowing that SAMH is in promising hands as I graduate. There is an ebb and flow in life, but never lose yourself in the tide. Be you and never forget that you are so special, and you have a purpose.

Please know if any of you want to stay in close touch, you are free to add me on Facebook if you haven’t already, or you can email me at I am always here to talk to. I look forward to visiting and watching SAMH grow even though I am not going to be actively present. My friendships and love for this group are infinite. Leaving Carleton I am happy knowing I found a family.

Love you all to bits.