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We love hearing from you, and we want your experiences with us to be as positive as possible. We accept feedback and complaints at any time. Please refer to the Feedback & Complaint Protocol before submitting your form. Then, access the Feedback & Complaint Form, which goes straight to our inbox!

Media Guidelines

In order to ensure efficiency between SAMH and the media, we kindly request that any individual seeking an interview with us read and follow this set of guidelines.

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Do you have an idea for a mental health-related event or initiative? Send us the details, and we'll do our best to put it in motion!

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We are pleased to offer two new workshops this year: Mental Health Literacy and Mental Health & Anti-Oppression. Both workshops are available upon request by groups of 5-25 individuals by filling out this form. To find out more, please read the workshop descriptions and the SAMH Workshops Protocol.

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