General Meetings & Remembrance Day

Hey everyone! Hope midterms are treating you well!

We've had lots of volunteers come out to our general meetings, and it's awesome to see so many people there! Anyone else interested in coming to any meetings is free to do so -- meetings are generally every Thursday from 5-6 PM in ME 3356, right next to Leo's in the Mackenzie Engineering building.

T-Shirts are on their way! Marcela has been getting us some swag made up, and it'll be ready in no time! If you'd like to help out with tabling or any of our upcoming events, let us know and we'll be sure to deck you out in fancy purple!

Finally, we'll be having our first official SAMH event on Tuesday, November 18th -- the Remembrance Day season reminds us that PTSD is an illness affecting thousands of Canadians, including former and current military personnel, and we'd like to take some time to provide some insight from an expert. We'll have more information on this event and others in the UC Atrium this Tuesday, November 11th to promote the event and more!

Have a great week!