2014 Wrap Up

Hey everyone! Final season is coming to an end, meaning that the holidays are close ahead. This post is long overdue, however let’s reflect on some of the great things SAMH has put together this school year thus far...

Pop the Stigma - CUSA Campaign

  • Creating a safe environment on CU campus is SO important to disintegrating the stigma associated with mental illness. We want to encourage and foster an environment of proactive behaviour that encourages students having trouble to seek help. Let's continue to engage students, and bring the mental health conversation to the forefront of student wellness discussion!

PTSD Awareness Night

  • Our first official SAMH event was held on Tuesday, November 18th. The month of November reminds us that PTSD is an illness affecting thousands of Canadians across many professions. We were fortunate to have 2 guest speakers, Annick Allard and Bruce Phillips, come in and join us for a night of awareness. 
    • Annick Allard came and shared her experience of her husband, Patrick Allard, and his experience with PTSD. After spending 26 years rushing to the aid of people in distress, this Ottawa paramedic was the one in need of assistance. PTSD has left him unable to work since last year. The WSIB could not support him since he couldn’t point to the one incident that brought him to a PTSD diagnosis, since his PTSD has come from an accumulation of experiences over time. Annick is fighting for legislation that supports the notion that WSIB to treat PTSD as a workplace-acquired illness.
    • Director Bruce Phillips from Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) came to speak on peer support and his experiences treating troops and veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD after serving for their country.

Exam Survival Kits

  • SAMH put together over 200 exam survival kits to hand out to students on Carleton University campus the first week of December, just in time for exams! These packages included: stress balls, brochures, hot chocolate, tea, and chocolates to help students chug along through the stressful season. To take a second and practice self care is important when times get rough!

Giftcard Giveaway

  • We had a surprise facebook contest where we told people to link & share a picture for a chance to win a $15 gift card for their favourite coffee shop on campus! Our winner will enjoy that! Thank you to all who participated.

Things to look forward to coming up in the Winter 2015 Semester

  • T Shirts!
  • D.I.F.D.
  • The Indigenous Experience - Awareness Night
  • Relay for Life - Cancer & Mental Illness Awareness
  • Art Gala & Competition
  • Mental Health Discussion Panel: Eating Disorders

Many dates are still T.B.A. However - we will need tons of volunteers to assist with us in these upcoming events. We cannot do it without you guys! We are so appreciative for the mental health community we are fostering and building here on campus. Be apart of our group and get involved this coming semester! We look forward to getting to know you! Volunteer meeting times will be announced in our December newsletter.

We hope you have a great holiday!

-Your SAMH Executive Team