Start to a good semester!

Hello everyone!

We hope everyones winter term has started well! Adjusting back to school after the holidays is always difficult. Finding motivation and getting back into the school groove is challenging (if you're finding it extremely difficult - check out Carleton Universitys FITA [from intention to action] program!). Lucky for those wanting to be involved, SAMH has a FANTASTIC semester planned! If you want more details, check out our "events" page.

So far, SAMH has started with winter recruitment. That's likely where some of you are from reading this! We have gone into classrooms to introduce who we are, what we do and how to get involved. We're very fortunate to have so much interest in our club! Our first event of the year came quite soon! We hosted our D.I.F.D bake sale on Friday, January 16th at the ravens D.IF.D basketball & hockey games. Our turn out was amazing! Several volunteers had donated amazing baked goods to us, and we had volunteers stay with us to help sell and promote SAMH. 

We are looking forward to our best semester at Carleton yet!