Calling for VP and Committee Member applications!

It's the end of the academic year, and that means it's time for SAMH VP applications for 2016-2017. If you are looking to be more involved in SAMH and in the community, we highly recommend you apply. We are looking for passionate members who are willing to learn - you don't need to be an expert! As a VP, you will be leading a small committee to help you with the responsibilities. If you don't want to lead, we suggest you apply to be a committee member! 

The Executive structure has changed going forward to include 7 executive positions, 5 of which are open to general members, and an indeterminate number of Committee Members underneath the Executive. Please open the attached application documents to read the roles and responsibilities for that position if you are interested.

If you are wondering what a Committee Member is, basically you will work with an associated VP to complete their mandate and your tasks could be any part of that Executive's roles and responsibilities. To find those roles and responsibilities, again please open the attached application documents.

The following positions are open for application to present Executive members ONLY:

VP Internal

The following positions are open for application to any members or Carleton students:

VP External
VP Communications
VP Student Issues
VP Student Engagement
VP Finance
Committee Member (Any VP Associated)

Please fill out and submit the attached applications you are interested in applying for to by Friday, April 8th at 5 PM ET. The applications can be submitted with any supplementary information you deem relevant, including a CV, references, or examples of work, however this is not required and you will not be penalized for excluding these. Applicants will be contacted to schedule an optional interview after the due date of applications.

Thank you and good luck with the end of your semester!